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Paijes is an interactive business directory that integrates E commerce and marketing together to help local businesses reach customers, increase their sales and improve their reputation. Add Your Listing Explore

The platform hosts the following businesses and services…


Coffe Shops

Supermarkets & Shopping

Home services

Hotel & Travel

Night Life

Art and Entertainment

Hair salons & Massage


Health and medical

Real Estate

Public services

Dry cleaning

Phone repair



Why Paijes Exists

E commerce is a leading industry in the 21 century. Multiple business owners are creating online commerce websites to grow into the online shopping market and compete with whole sailor companies that sell everything on one platform and are hard to compete with as small shop websites are not easy to get known. We believe that by creating a web app that all local businesses can use to sell and market their products and services will help them expand into the online shopping industry as they will all be on one known web app.

How Paijes organization performs

We have integrated high end web app development into creating a platform that works on any mobile device where businesses could create their own business page and upload their products while also showing their business location, opening hours, reviews and ratings. Businesses could also advertise their page thought the platform all to help them increase their seals and reputation in the online commerce industry.

Paijes Business Strategy


To be the leading E commerce & Marketing platforms that supports and helps local businesses grow their online presence and sales.


Make people’s daily life easier.


To be a corporate social responsible company that creates shared value for businesses and society while also improving the economy.


To be innovative in the way commerce is performed.